Monday, October 30, 2006

Political Culture Clash

I hate to talk politics as mostly it results in bad feelings and arguments these days. But since this is about culture clashes, I feel I must at least comment on the culture clash that is politics these days. American political discourse is starting to look more and more like the abhorrent politics I witnessed in Brazil and Ghana, among other places. Candidates competing not on facts or issues but on who can say the most outrageous thing. And it has become so offensive that it is a huge turn off for many of us.

Our society is clashing over divergent values and it is hard to live in peace these days. I used to be middle of the road. I voted based on issues and candidates. Sometimes I voted for Democrats, as I did for Bill Clinton when he was elected in 1992. Sometimes, I voted for Republicans as I did for George W. Bush twice in 2000 and 2004. In the case of Bill Clinton, I regret voting for him only because he showed such contempt and disrespect for our country, the office of President, and the American public when he made statements implying we are stupid. Everyone knows what the meaning of "is" is in the given sentence. Some words are just not given to multiple meanings. I would respect him if he had just had the decency and guys to confess and admit he has a problem. But no, he had to try and schmooze his way out of it. I admit to dismay when I hear the people who claim he was the greatest and the whole thing was blown out of context. Or even worse, they long for the days of Clinton.

How can you blow out of proportion the most powerful man on Earth not only showing contempt for everyone else but not living up to his ethical and moral responsibilities? Not even minimal ones. Some people tell me why does that matter to you? It matters to me because kids and other Americans, and even foreigners, look up to our President. And they see him as an example. When Clinton had an affair with Monica, it made it okay for people to do that in many people's eyes. And it is not okay t0 cheat on your wife. There are some things that should just on even the most minimal moral standards be unacceptable. That is one of them. It matters to me because I voted for him, so he represented me when he did that. And I find that embarrassing and disgusting.

It should matter to everyone that instead of saying "I have a problem with women, and I did wrong, and I am sorry and embarrassed" Bill Clinton instead chose to actually try and convince us the word "is" or "sex" could be defined in multiple ways. Everyone knew what was implied. So did he. So why treat us like you are so intelligent and we are such stupid sheep that you can convince us otherwise? THAT is offensive. It is embarrassing and disgusting.

I will say that Bill Clinton did good things in his first term. He accomplished more of his election promises than any President in 20 years up to his time. And he has redeemed himself in some ways by some of his post-Presidential activities. But the question mark will always exist. He will never be the great man he so wants to be in history. And that is because he was so smarmy and ridiculous in his approach to being caught red handed.

Enough about that. I don't agree with everything George W. does either, by the way. His cowboy talk is taking things too far all too often. And he makes statements offensive and culturally arrogant that offend people in other nations. And that is just not right for a President for some of the same reasons -- looked up to, etc. But I do think we have a greater responsibility than any other nation as the sole superpower. And one of those is to police the world and fight for justice. Ultimately, that is what the Iraq War should be about and often is not. It should have been emphasized from day one. And Bush should have thrown out those who misled him and made him look bad with misinformation and failure to give him the best information he needed to do his job. I admire and respect loyalty. But I find it disappointing when loyalty becomes a liability, as it has with George W.

At the same time, I used to be able to vote moderate, and I cannot any more. The loudest voices in the Democratic Party have become extremists, and I believe their stands on issues are in the worst interests of our world and country. And even though I believe we need gun control, and need to care for the environment, and disagree with the Republican Party on other issues, ultimately, I do see gay marriage and the reprogramming of our values that comes with the whole gay agenda, and abortion and the reprogramming of values which has already occurred because of that, and other Democratic mainstays as more threatening than those issues. So I find myself voting Republican these days, and when there is no Republican, I vote Green Party or someone else. This election on my absentee ballot, I even wrote in people.

I think it is sad it has come to that. It is sad that at certain family gatherings I cannot open my mouth and I have to listen to very offensive remarks from family Democrats as they slam things that matter to me. And it is sad that I cannot talk about what really matters to me to some people. But well, I can do it here. I hope we get back to the days where I can vote based on issues and candidates. I hope we can restore a sense of what really matters. But who knows when that will happen. I find it discouraging that so many who claim to be Christians don't actually get the realities behind these values issues. That they actually don't see the conflict with Biblical values and so much these issues represent. It is sad that what used to be common values we all shared at a minimum are fading away. And if you don't think that's true or don't understand that ask yourself how people can actually think the President of the U.S. cheating on his wife and with someone who is barely out of her teens is acceptable behavior? It didn't used to be that way. The loss of values must grieve the heart of our heavenly Father even more than it grieves my heart. And that ought to make people stop and think. Before it's too late.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

♥ In Memory of Jason & Lindsay...

An incredible statement by people dealing with incredible loss! What a witness! I had to link to it!

♥ In Memory of Jason & Lindsay...